“Greetings! I’m a Christian, and I have a little story I’d like to share. I’ll keep it short – for all of my life, I’ve had anger problems; when I became a teenager it turned from anger to rage, and I became violent, hot tempered, and I wanted nothing more than to get into a fight and do damage to someone. God protected me from that and eventually sent me to the gym, gave me my fiancée, and when I calmed down and the rage washed away, he gave me Kung Fu. It’s as if God said: “Now that you’ve calmed down, you can step into the ring.” I am now proficient in Wing Chun Kung Fu. I also study Muay Thai, Sumo, and American Boxing. I’m going to finish training this year, adding Hung Gar Kuen to my arsenal. I’m starting my fights next year, and I’d like to wear your gear. I’m purchasing it on my own. I wanted to say thank you for giving Christian MMA fighters a chance to show themselves to the world and representing them through your organization. I hope to one day be on your list of fighters. Thank you for sitting through my long message, and I can’t wait to wear your gear!