I went on a mission trip with 66 people from my church (Impact Christian Fellowship) to La Vega in the Dominican Republic.


We handed out hundreds of shoes to children. We sponsored 10 houses to be built. We sponsored 8 water filtration systems to be installed so the villages could have safe drinking water. We also handed out brand new baseball gloves to the local baseball team and the children. We helped hundreds of people find Jesus, and hundreds more get closer to him. We showed them the love and joy that the heavenly father has for them. We prayed with them about their families, their personal struggles, their friends, anything they need prayer for. We performed dances and drama skits for them. We performed in the streets, in the alley ways, any where we could perform. The best part of the whole trip was seeing the smile of their faces as they rejoice in Jesus name. After being in a third world country I’ve become very thankful for what the Lord has bless me with here at home. The people of the Dominican Republic are amazing! They taught me so much in the week I was there. The main thing I learned from them was that no matter what our living conditions are, no matter how hard life is treating us with God everything is possible and everything will be alright. No matter what. Don’t give up! That’s why I was so proud and honored to wear y’alls shirts over there in the Dominican. It’s amazing that there is a Christian based fighting company because that’s how I felt on my mission trip. I felt like I was a fighter for Christ. That I will not give up my fight against evil. I’ll fight till the end because JESUS DIDN’T TAP!!!”


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